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Incipit is organized as follows.



Co-ordinated by Cristina Sánchez-Carretero

Focuses on the study of a range of aspects of cultural heritage of living societies, especially through the ethnographic fieldwork methodology.


Co-ordinated by Felipe Criado-Boado

Focuses on the analysis and application of archaeological theories and practices (including those from architecture, material culture, present and landscape archaeology) to study materialization processes, their links to past and present socio-cultural contexts, and their relationships with cultural heritage, its valorization and its present use.

Geospatial Technologies

Co-ordinated by César Parcero-Oubiña

Focuses on the use and development of technologies for the representation geographical eneities and the study of the associated information, applied to the study of cultural heritage. These technoologies include geographical information systems and remote sensing.

Semantic Technologies

Co-ordinated by César González-Pérez

Focuses on the use of information technologies, especially software, knowledge and method engineering, as well as organizational theory, to understand, visualize, analyze, synthesize, communicate and document all kinds of information that is relevant to cultural heritage.



Coordinada por Juan F. Castro-Cal

Has the mission to study the valorization processes that occur around cultural heritage, and the valorization of the research processes and outcomes of Incipit with the goal to foster their social relevance according to the applicable research strategy, and improving Incipit's participation in valorization processes that arise in relation to cultural heritage.

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