Joeri Kaal

Post-doctoral Researcher

Contact details
Relationship to Incipit
Joeri Kaal is associated researcher of Incipit. Previously member of Incipit.
Areas of interest
Ciencias de La Tierra, técnicas analíticas mediante pirolisis, reconstrucción de paisajes culturales y cambio climático.
Joeri Kaal (Diemen, The Netherlands) studied Earth Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his PhD with research on the prehistoric fire regime in the Rock Art Park of Campo Lameiro, funded by a Marie-Curie EST fellowship at the Incipit in 2011. After post-doc activities at Incipit and the Technical University of Braunschweig he launched the company Pyrolyscience (, which offers organic matter molecular characterization services in the fields of Heritage and Earth Sciences. The mission of this company is to develop new applications of analytical pyrolysis techniques in collaboration with experts from diverse disciplines. By engaging in time- and cost-efficient public-private partnerships it contributes to a healthy and sustainable scientific environment. Joeri´s research interests include the reconstruction of past natural and cultural landscapes and predict how they will be affected by climate change. As of 2021, he has co-authored 75 peer-reviewed publications receiving >1500 citations and an h-index of 23.