Launching Bundt

Creating and managing conceptual models of cultural heritage.

We have just launched Bundt. Bundt is a collection of software tools to create, maintain, process, and visualise conceptual models of cultural heritage. Bundt is based on ConML (, the conceptual modelling language that we propose from Incipit to work in the humanities and social sciences, as it contemplates aspects so important for these fields as subjectivity, temporality or vagueness. Until now, we could use ConML “by hand”, that is, by manually drawing diagrams on a sheet of paper, a whiteboard, or a screen. From now on, we can express these models in Bundt to make them easier to handle and to visualise, analyse, process, and share them.

For example the Cultural Heritage Abstract Reference Model (CHARM, is available in Bundt format, in addition to a human-readable form on its web site. By downloading the Bundt file, you can visualise this model on screen, explore the concepts, properties and relationships that compose it, or extend it to create our own models from it. We can also incorporate these features to our own software development projects if that is what we want.

Bundt includes a Windows application that allows you to work with models interactively on screen, as well as a set of libraries that any developer can incorporate to their projects to integrate Bundt’s features into their work. Depending on what your interests are, we suggest one thing or the other.

Bundt is free, in the sense that anybody can download it and use it for any purpose, including commercial ones. The only caveat is that you must mention the original authors. Bundt is a research outcome and, as such, it works and will work as a test bench for the modelling technologies that come out of Incipit. In this manner, we expect it to evolve rapidly. Having said this, we aim at keeping Bundt significantly stable, and we will incorporate changes that break compatibility with previous versions only when it becomes strictly necessary, which will not be often.

Experimentally, previous versions of Bundt have been used in several projects at Incipit, including MARIOL and KaleidoScapes, with excellent results.

Our vision is that Bundt, and ConML underneath, become supporting technologies for any project that needs to work with information about heritage. If you are interested and think this may help you, please contact us.