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Establishing a New Order: Orientationof Roman Towns Built in the Age of Augustus

2019. English

David Espinosa Espinos (author)
Marco Virgilio García Quintela (author)
Juan Antonio Belmonte (author)
Urbanism in most areas of Western Europe occurred at the time of the Roman Empire when several hundred new towns were founded, notably under Augustus. Those towns were planned to incorporate astronomical phenomena as images of propaganda of their rulers, or to connect the city to the gods. The visual effect of the Sun rising in line with the orientation of the city at a given moment in its yearly movement was thus sought and incorporated for its ritual meaning. Special moments allegedly related to Augustus were considered, in particular Winter Solstice and Autumn Equinox.
Archaeoastronomy. Roman urbanism. Roman Empire. Augustus. Orientations.
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Archaeoastronomy of the Roman World
2019 Springer
Edition 1
Pages 85-102