Cronotipología y Datación Absoluta de Iglesias Altomedievales en Galicia. Primeros Resultados del Proyecto EMCHAHE

2018. Español

Jose Carlos Sánchez Pardo (autor)
During the last years, the EMCHAHE project has been exploring the architectural remains of early medieval churches in Galicia (NW Spain). Basing on this background, this paper has two main objectives. First, to present and discuss the results of the luminescence and radiocarbon dating of mortars from four early medieval churches: Santa María de Mixós, San Adrián de Amiadoso, San Xoán de Panxón and San Breixo de Ouvigo. And second, to integrate and compare, by means of cluster analysis, these new chronological results with the set of early medieval churches for which we already have absolute dating. This approach will allow us to gain a first overview of not only the chronological trends (being the end of 9th and beginning of 10th centuries, apparently a period of special intensity of church construction) but also of the technical, formal and spatial characteristics that define these early medieval galician churches.
Palabras clave
Early medieval churches. Mortars. Absolute dating. OSL. Galicia. Radiocarbon. Cluster analysis.
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Hortus Artium Medievalium
Volumen 24
Páginas 90-105