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Archaeology and Geomatics. Harvesting 10 years of training in the Iberian Peninsula (2006-2015)

2018. Inglés

Victorino Mayoral Herrera (editor)
In 2005 a (then) pioneering postgraduate course on the applicability of digital geospatial technologies for archaeology was launched in Spain. Quite unexpectedly, the course has been alive annually for more than 10 years so far, having trained around 300 young archaeologists (ca. 30 per year) from Spain, Portugal and Latin America in the critical use of nowadays popular tools such as GIS, GPS, remote sensing or LIDAR for the documentation and analysis of the archaeological record.

To commemorate the 10 years of the course, a conference was organized in Mérida (Spain) in October 2015 where former students were invited to present and discuss pieces of work where a comprehensive use of those technologies was made. This edited book is a selection of some of those contributions. It presents, through a series of varied case-studies, both technically sophisticated and theoretically informed applications of such digital technologies.

All the contributors are young researchers, either young doctors or doctorate students, coming from fairly varied archaeological contexts and approaches. The contributions show a diversity of applications of digital technologies, ranging from the documentation of the archaeological evidence to their analysis, interpretation or public dissemination. They include studies on the use of LIDAR, archaeological prospection, visibility, mobility or the analysis of the spatial distribution of archaeological objects, in contexts as varied as the Late Pleistocene in the Northern Iberian Peninsula, the Roman Republican period in Southern Italy, the Formative period in the Andes or the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War, among many others.
Palabras clave
Digital Archaeology. Geomatics. GIS. Mapping. Remote sensing. Prospection. Spatial Analysis. Landscape Archaeology. LIDAR. Photogrammetry.
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2018 Sidestone Press
ISBN/ISSN 978-90-8890-460-8