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A conceptual and visual proposal to decouple material and interpretive information about stratigraphic data

2016. Inglés

Stratigraphic information is an important basis on which archaeologists infer conclusions about past events. Thus, the conceptualization and visual representation of stratigraphic information plays a fundamental role in generating archaeological knowledge.

We have performed a deep analysis of the conceptual and visual approaches applied to stratigraphic information over time, with an emphasis on how archaeologists conceptualize and construct stratigraphic sequences. We have found that most approaches make no conceptual or visual separation between the material aspects (i.e. how strata are physically disposed) and the outcomes of the interpretations based on the former (i.e. the functional or chronological conclusions inferred from them). This situation creates ambiguities and conflicts, so the decoupling of material and interpretive aspects is needed.

In order to support this decoupling necessity, we present a conceptual proposal and a subsequent visual design. The proposed approach allows a more precise documentation, processing and displaying of stratigraphic information that differentiates between the material and interpretive aspects.
Palabras clave
Stratigraphy. Conceptual modelling. Information visualization. Interaction patterns. CHARM.
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